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If you live in the area known as the Tornado Alley, than you are aware of the huge amount of tornadoes and extreme weather patterns that we receive throughout the year. These storms are quite powerful and the damage that is caused by them are a burden and costly for everybody. While the money lost from the storms can be earned back, the safety and wellbeing is something that you can protect. Gryner Tanks Inc. specializes in the creation, sale and installation of storm cellars for people in living in tornado alley including Arkansas and Oklahoma especially. Protect your loved ones and get a FEMA approved storm shelter installed on your property today.


The storm shelters that Gryner Tanks manufactures are all approved by FEMA and come with a five year warrantee against leakage. We guarantee your family’s safety because our shelters are made of  thicker concrete, have stronger doors attached and we offer more models than our competitors. We do not skimp on the material used when constructing our shelters because your safety is our main priority. Please take a look at our durable storm shelters and how they can protect you and your family.


As Gryner Tanks has a lot of concrete on hand we also decided to expand and manufacture products that would be beneficial to people in our area. Gryner Tanks Inc. also builds and sells Concrete feed trough, median barriers (concrete barriers used for highway construction) septic tanks and aerobics, which is part of the septic tank system it aerates (purifies) sewer systems. Many of the items that we sell are used to make life easier and safer. Please take a look at some of our concrete products and get in contact with us if you see something that you can use.

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