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A family business for over 22 years

The staff at Gryner Tanks has been working with concrete for well over 22 years. They have lived in the tornado valley for a long time and have experienced the devastating results that come from a tornado. With the skills, tools and material already at their disposal they started manufacturing storm shelters of various sizes and models depending on the size of the family. Over time, the storm shelters started to catch on. Many people would see our storm shelters and enquire about them. When they found out that a storm shelter could be used to protect their family during extreme weather events it was not long before they purchased one.


From there we wanted to get our company name out there so more families could benefit from our shelters. We went on a small marketing campaign and traveled around the tornado valley and pitched our product to the masses. You would not believe the positive responses that received. Before we knew it, we were building more storm shelters than we ever imagined possible. We were pleased that our product was gaining exposure and protecting families at the same time. Please visit our storm shelter page for more information regarding our products.


With the excess concrete material that we had laying around our shop, Gryner Tanks decided to build up other products that would serve people in the tornado valley including Arkansas and Oklahoma. With the amount of farms in the area we started building concrete feed troughs to make it easy for farmers to feed their animals. With the large amount of land and various highway systems in the area we started building median barriers which were widely used in area highway construction projects. As part of our service is installing shelters underground in residential backyards, we figured it would be best to also carry septic tanks and aerobics, which is part of the septic tank system as it aerates (purifies) sewer systems. Please take a look at concrete tanks & Aerobics page for more information.


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We deal with a lot of concrete over here at Gryner Tanks Inc. With over 22 years of experience in the manufacturing of our products we guarantee that they will last for decades. Natural degradation over time will occur, but our concrete is reinforced creating a more stable product. We currently sell Concrete feed troughs for local farmers and their animals. We also have median barriers (concrete barriers used for highway construction) in stock that many area roads crews utilize in their line of work. Please take a look at some of our concrete products on this page. We are constantly updating this page with new and exciting products made from nothing but concrete.



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